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Giorgos Papakonstantis’ novel “The Elm Girl” will be presented on Wednesday, September 6, at 7:30 p.m., at the House of Culture, in Rethymnon, by Radamanthys Publications.

The book will be discussed by:

– Mary Lionis, deputy governor of Rethymno, lawyer
– Pepi Birlirakis, deputy mayor of Rethymno
– Vasilis Skoundis, journalist.

Journalist Angeliki Kallergi coordinates.

Greetings will be addressed by the manager of Radamanthis publications, Christos Tsantis and the author of the book, George Papakonstantis.

A few words about the book

Katerina Diavati is a classic stern lawyer of the “modern” cannibalistic school: She has neither moral inhibitions nor social concerns. And she also has that elemental, genuine female instinct well buried. Until the moment when her ungrateful life, sprinkled with plenty of gold dust and artificial social glitter – but also with a thick layer of mud and rust – decides to remind her how small the distance is between the role of the perpetrator and the victim…

A subversive social novel. A penetrating look into the world of sexual, and not only, abuse of women, and at the same time a reminder of what deserves to conquer the truly weighty title of “lifetime dream”…

George Papakonstantis was born in Rethymno. He completed the first grades of Primary School in Melidoni, Rethymnon and then immigrated with his family to Athens, where he completed Secondary Education. He studied Economics at the University of Piraeus, Pedagogy at the University of Crete and Police Sciences at the schools of officers and executives of the Greek Armed Forces. He did postgraduate studies at Panteion University, where he completed his PhD in the Department of Psychology. He taught for about 15 years at the Police Schools and at the Mediterranean University, (former ATEI of Crete). He is the founder and president of the Urban Non-Profit Society “Centre for the Research on Culture and Equality of Crete” (K.E.P.P.I.K.). He is the author of 6 scientific books, another novel and a poetry collection. He lives in Rethymnon and likes travelling, the sea and riding his motorbike.

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