Thursday, May 30 2024

The theatrical performance “Around us”, written and directed by Giorgos Kalitsounakis, is presented on Thursday 11 and Friday 12 May, at 21.30, at the Venizeleio Conservatory of Chania, by the Support Group “Synanthropos”, in collaboration with the 2nd EPAL of Chania and the Evening EPAL of Platanias.

As the organizers point out, “around us there are people who generously give love, smiles, hope, support, optimism. Whoever possesses this gift around us is called a Neighbor. A concept that shows concern for people in need.”

Τhe amount of money that will be collected from the tickets will be donated to two children, citizens of Platanias, who lost their legs in road accidents and are in urgent need of purchasing artificial limbs.

Invitation price 8 euros – Reservations: 690 605 9602




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