Wednesday, April 24 2024

The Puppet Theater of Crete presents its new production entitled: “The Conspiracy of the Goat!”, in an organization of the Region of Crete.

The performances will be given on Tuesday, July 5 at 11:30 at Vouton Primary School and July 12 at 21:00 in Douli.

As stated in a related announcement, this is a project full of colors, action, song, strawberries and adventure! Thomas and Marika-Katsika, two inseparable friends, travel around the world looking for Spring. Unique reason? The strawberries!

But when they arrive in the unknown land of Pardalomygia, they are faced with an incredible adventure. Spectators will find themselves in a military conspiracy organized against the palace and the King. The only ones who learn this are Thomas and the Goat. In a foreign country, all alone, the two friends are preparing to leave until the beautiful Princess will be in front of Thomas’ road. And love will be lightning fast.

Will Thomas manage to marry her? But he must defeat the King in a game of chess. Otherwise; He will lose his life! And of course, he must prevent the soldiers from rebelling because the palace is in danger! And one more thing, what role will flies play in a country full of pests?

The solution will be given by Marika-Katsika with the resourceful plan of a perfect conspiracy trial!

The entrance is free.



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