Monday, July 15 2024

An original, modern and representative logo is sought by the new team of Handicrafts in Crete that has been set up by the Educational DevelopmentAL PLOIGOS, with the support of the Region of Crete and invites creators to submit their proposals.

The team for the “Promotion, Rescue, Development and Promotion of micro-business artisanal activities in Crete” has designed a new action plan with the main mission to empower people – men and women – who are professionally or amateurly engaged in the popular arts of our country.

At the same time, it paves the way for a transformation of the local community that will now perceive artisanal activity as a driver of economy, tourism and sustainable development.

General manager of PLOIGOS, George Zervos, says about the competition: “We want to give the opportunity to students, students and professionals in the field to participate in a creative competition for a sector – that of Handicrafts – that gradually finds its place in the business world. All entries that will be collected will be carefully studied. The logo of the candidate that will aptly represent the philosophy of the Project will be selected following a decision of the specially established committee and will be rewarded with a cash prize”.

“In the plan of actions we want to have fellow travelers the local population. In this first step, therefore, we co-shape the logo of our Project. The logo is a key element of a brand’s identity because it summarizes messages and associations of its mission. As a trademark it accompanies every action of Communication. Our team needs a logo that cleverly captures the cultural meanings and values of folk arts and handicrafts in Crete in general”, explains Maria-Stella Zeaki, project manager.

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