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The 6th Triennale of Architecture in Crete, which will take place at the Grand Arsenali in Chania in November 2022, was announced by the Centre of Mediterranean Architecture, publishing the terms of participation, which will also be posted at the e-mail address

Architects active in Greece and abroad are invited to participate with their implemented projects in the region of Crete during the period 2013-2022. Unimplemented studies and participations in architectural competitions can be submitted during the same period of time.

The institution of Triennale Architecture in Crete began in 1997 and was realized until 2013 by the Center of Mediterranean Architecture in Chania. This year, in an effort to revive this institution, which is so important for the country, it was decided to reorganise it.

The 1st Triennale of Architecture in Crete takes place in November 1997 under the title “Architecture, Chania 1997”, 30 participations, curator M. Nikiforiadis and jury of critical evaluation G. Tzirtzilakis, D. Fatouros and D. Filippidis. It was curated by M. Nikiforiadis.

The 2nd Triennale of Architecture in Crete takes place in March 2001 under the title “Architects who live and work in Crete”, 29 participants, curators D. Vardakis-G. Verikakis and jury of critical evaluation M. Babalou, L. Papadopoulos and G. Tzirtzilakis.

The 3rd Triennale of Architecture in Crete takes place in November 2004 under the title “Crete 2001-2004”, 32 participations and a jury of critical evaluation by Th. Kanarelis, A. Kourkoulas, K. Xanthopoulos and P. Tournikiotis.

The 4th Triennale of Architecture in Crete takes place in February 2008 under the title “Crete 2004-2007”, 67 participations and a jury of critical evaluation by N. Ktenas, D. Papalexopoulos, N. Spyridonidis and D. Fatouros.

The 5th Triennale of Architecture in Crete takes place in February 2013 entitled “Architecture in Crete 2009-2012”, 67 participations, curated by D. Tsakalakis and jury for the selection of works by I. Zeggelis, G. Tzirtzilakis, P. Tournikiotis and D. Tsakalakis.

The responsibility of the organization lies with the CFSP-KAM (Public Benefit Enterprise of Culture of the Environment of the Municipality of Chania – Center of Mediterranean Architecture) and the architectural committee of the Kam. The submitted works will be evaluated by a five-member jury and a selection of those that will eventually be exhibited will be made. The committee will be composed of a representative of SADAS-PEA, a representative of the School of Architecture of Chania and 3 architects of recognized prestige, whose names will be announced shortly. The studies that will not be selected will have the possibility, with the agreement of the participants, to be projected digitally on a screen in the exhibition area.

The process will include 2 phases:

● Phase A: examination and sorting of studies submitted for exhibition.

● Second phase: organization, printing and setup of the selected projects. Exhibition catalogue The studies that will qualify for the second phase will be included in the catalogue of the 6th Triennale of Architecture in Crete, which will be available during the exhibition.

Terms of participation
● Professional architects or architectural firms operating either in Greece or abroad can participate in the exhibition.

● Each designer or group of scholars may submit up to three projects. Each project will be counted as an independent participation.

● The projects may be implemented or not, studies or participations in architectural competitions, of any kind and scale, in Crete and will concern the period 2013-2022.

● In order to participate in the exhibition, it is necessary to pay a fee of 60.00 euros for each study selected for the second phase (no fee is required for participation in phase A). The participation of the jury is voluntary and the money that will be paid includes the cost of color prints of the plates and the K-mount for their paste and posting. The other costs of organizing the exhibition are covered by the CFSP-KAM and a part by sponsorships.

● Questions about the project submission process can be made to the organizing committee at the following email address:

How to submit phase A entries

All projects submitted on time, up to and including 30 June 2022, are involved in this phase (see timetable).

The submission will be done electronically by sending the data to the e-mail address, via email or Wetransfer.

Presentation data for phase A participation

The digital presentation file will be in .pdf format and its total size should not exceed 20MB. This digital archive will include all the elements to highlight each participation, such as short text, drawings, sketches, photographs, photorealistic depictions, etc. at the discretion of the researchers, in order to understand and describe the work that the jury will be asked to evaluate.

At the end of the submission of the studies of phase A, the jury will meet to distinguish the studies that will participate in the exhibition in the form of printed plates.

The results will be posted on July 20th at and participants will be informed by email.

Phase B’

After the selection by the jury of the studies to be exhibited and the announcement of the results, the researchers will be notified of the process of their participation in the second phase. By September 11, 2022, they should ensure that the material is sent for exhibition in a timely manner and that their participation fee is paid.

Material for participation of phase B’

After being notified, participants should submit to the email address via email or Wetransfer. A file .pdf for a sign of magnitude A0 vertical layout (with a layout that will be sent in time to the designers) and will include:

● The data of the researchers and the project.

● Text, the formatting of which is at the discretion of the participants, in order to better explain and support the proposal.

● All the necessary elements that highlight and explain the work, such as drawings, sketches, photographs, photorealistic depictions, etc., at the discretion of the researchers.

● Triennale logos, according to the Layout that will be given to the participants. A .pdf file that will be included in the exhibition catalogue in layout that will be communicated to the participants and will correspond to two pages (salon type) for each project, depending on the final format of the entire catalogue. There will be mentioned all the information of the project and the scholars, at the discretion of the latter.


Monday 16 May: Publication of a notice

Thursday 30 June: Closing of submission of entries and material of phase A

Wednesday 20 July: Announcement of results of participating projects in phase B

Monday 12 September: End of dispatch of phase B material

Friday 11 November: Opening of the Exhibition

Sunday 4 December: End of Exhibition



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