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The Nomadic Library of MedPhoto Festival, the first removable lending library of photographic books in Greece, is hosted by the Photography and Film Club of Chania (LefKi), in collaboration with the Municipality of Chania, the KEPPEDHCH-KAM and the Municipal Library, offering the opportunity to photographers, artists, teachers, students, people who are interested in photographic storytelling in general, to come into contact with photographic publications and the work of important creators.

As announced by the Municipality of Chania and LefKi , the aim is to promote the photographic book as an autonomous work and to connect photography with it, as a framework for its observation. Through this perspective, each photographic book is experienced not simply as an “album” or a collection of images, but as a single narrative and artistic work that proposes a view of the world around us.

The photographic book functions as a coherent depiction of perceptions, events, eras, while involving in its creation photographers, curators, graphic designers, publishers, typographers, writers and generally people from many different fields, it is a collective work. At the same time, it functions completely differently in the reading of the image, compared to an exhibition of photographs posted on the wall, due to its structure, its permanence, its material and its character as an object / work of art, addressed to a single viewer.

This part of the collection of the Nomadic Library, which will be hosted in the reading room of the Municipal Library of Chania, consists of almost one hundred photographic books, classical works that have played a decisive role in the history of photography and works that set in a special way the use of the medium today and reflect a wide range of contemporary artistic pursuits and trends in the field of books, on an aesthetic and technical level and come either from international and domestic publishing organizations, or are self-publishing.

The Nomadic Library will be open to the public from Tuesday, May 17, 2022, during the days and opening hours of the reading room of the Municipal Library of Chania.

Visiting days and hours

Monday – Friday: 8 am – 2 pm
Monday and Thursday: 6 pm – 9 pm
Saturday: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.


1 Abril Laia, On Abortion, Dewi Lewis

2 Another Life: Human Flows/Unknown Odysseys, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

3 Balaska Aimilia, Dotter, Self-Published

4 Ballen Roger, Boarding House, Phaidon

5 Borders-Crossroads, KOLEKTIV8

6 Borissova Julia, Let Me Fall Again, Self-Published

8 Campany David and Thompson Jerry L., Walker Evans: Labour Anonymous, D.A.P./Koenig

9 Chelbin Michael, Strangely Familiar, Aperture

10 Chronopoulou Stella, Libya, Dolce-far Nulla   

11 COLLECTIF/BONNET ISABELLE, Home Sweet Home, Textuel

12 D’Agata Antoine, Cidade de Pedra, VOID

13 De Esteban Max, Elegies of Manumission, Nasraeli Press

14 De Middel Cristina, Afronauts, Self-Published

15 Giovanna den Sarto, A polaroid for a refugee

16 Depardon Raymond, Manhattan Out, Steidl

17 Divola John, Vandalism, MACK

18 Dorley Brown Chris, The Longest Way Round, Overlapse

20 Europe: Τhe faces and the territory, KOLEKTIV8

21 Foglia Lucas, Human Nature, Nasraeli Press   

22 Frank Robert, The Lines of My Hand, Steidl   

23 Fukase Masahisa, Family, MACK   

24 Gill Stephen, Archaeology in Reverse, Nobody Books   

25 Gill Stephen, Hackney Kisses, Nobody Books

26 Gill Stephen, The Pillar, Nobody Books   

27 Goicolea Anthony, Fictions, Twin Palms

28 Goldblatt David, Particulars, Steidl

29 Gowin Emmet, Aperture

30 Graham Paul, A Shimmer of Possibility, MACK   

31 Graves Kenneth, The Home Front, MACK

32 Gupta Soham, Angst, AKINA   

33 Hannes Nick, Garden of Delight, Hannibal Publishers Veurne   

34 Hannes Nick, Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man, Hannibal Publishers Veurne   

35 Hugo Pieter, 1994, Prestel   

36 Hugo Pieter, This Must Be The Place, Prestel   

37 Hussain Mahtab, You Get Me?, MACK

38 Joy Ross Judith, Living with War, Steidl

39 Jude Ron, Nausea, MACK

40 Koinaki Tonia, Did they all live happily ever after?, KOLEKTIV8    

41 Kollar Martin, Provisional Arrangement, MACK

42 Lange Mårten, The Mechanism, MACK

43 Lybeer Charlotte, Encyclopedia, Self-Published

44 Maier Vivian, Self-Portraits, powerHouse Books

45 Majoli Alex, Scene, MACK   

46 Mann Sally, Immediate Family, Aperture

47 Menner Simon, Top Secret, Hatje Cantz

48 Milach Rafal, 7 Rooms, Kehrer

49 Miller Peter and Scully Julia, Disfarmer: Heber Springs Portraits, 1939-1946, Addison House

50 Morales Nelson, Fantastic Woman, Inframundo/Hydra

51 Mosse Richard, The Castle, MACK   

52 Nazar, Photographs from the Arab World, Aperture

53 Nicolas Savary, Conquistador, Editorial RM Mexico   

54 Orton Liz, EveryBody is an Archive, Self-Published

55 Owens Bill, Suburbia, Fotofolio   

56 Paglen Trevor, Invisible: Covert Operations and Classified Landscapes, Aperture   

57 Papageorge Tod, Passing Through Eden, Steidl

58 Park Trent, Minutes to Midnight, Steidl   

59 Pilos Nikos, Trapped, KOLEKTIV8

60 Pinckers Max and De Bruyn Quinten, Lotus, Lyre Press   

61 Pinckers Max, Margins of Excess, Self-Published   

62 Polke Sigmar, When Pictures Vanish, Moca/Scalo

63 Ponirakou Georgia, Makronissos, KOLEKTIV8

64 Raad Walid, I Might Die Before I Get a Rifle, Steidl

65 Rafman Jon, Nine Eyes, New Documents   

66 Rexroth Nancy, Iowa, University of Texas Press   

67 Richardson Stuart , Sodium Sun/Natríum Sól, Self-Published

68 Richter Gerhard, Atlas, D.A.P.

69 Ruwedel Mark, Ouarzazate, MACK   

70 Saliba Alexandra, Everflow, Self-Published

71 Sandberg Leif, Ending, Bœcker Books

74 Savulich Andrew, The City, Steidl

75 Sekula Allan, Fish Story, MACK

76 Serra Costa Rita Puig, Where Mimosa Bloom, Éditions du LIC

77 Sheikh Fazal, Erasure Desert Bloom Notes, Steidl

78 Sheikh Fazal, Erasure Independence/Nakba, Steidl

79 Sheikh Fazal, Erasure Memory Trace, Steidl

80 Shore Stephen, From Galilee to the Negev, Phaidon

81 Shulman Julius, Los Angeles: The Birth of a Modern Metropolis, Rizzoli

82 Soth Alec, Paris Minnesota, MAGNUM

83 Soth Alec, Sleeping by the Mississippi, MACK

84 Soth Alec, Songbook, MACK

85 Spada Valerio, Gomorrah Girl, Twin Palms

86 Spak Leslie, Sangre, Pequeño Pato Salvaje Editorial

88 Tomiyasu Hayahisa, TTP, MACK

89 Vachon Alexa, Rise, Self-Published

90 Van Manen Bertien, Beyond Maps and Atlases, MACK

91 Van Manen Bertien, Moonshine, MACK

92 Vietez Virxilio, La Fabrica

93 Warburg Aby, Atlas Mnemosyne, Akal

94 Woodman Francesca, Phaidon

95 Yoshiyuki Kohei, The Park, Hatje Cantz

96 The Anonymous project, The house

97 Bartollozzi Yannic, Au-delà des montagnes, Kastaniotis



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