Thursday, June 13 2024

The theatrical overproduction with over 100 actors, entitled “Black Crosses”, written by Katerina Kanellopoulou – Giannis Panagiotaki and directed by Michalis Mina, will be presented at the Mournia Stadium on May 18-19-20 at 21:00, in memory of our ancestors , in the context of the festive events of the Region of Crete – Regional Unit of Chania, for the 81st anniversary of the Battle of Crete.

“The memories and events of those days come to life on stage, in an impressive performance that is an ode to the heroism of the defenders of the island, reviving in a creepy way, true events and dialogues of the time as they were recorded and saved to this day. A journey through time! ”

Free entrance.

Directed by: Michalis Minas.

Screenplay: Katerina Kanellopoulou – Giannis Panagiotaki.

Assistant directors: (A ‘) George Kalitsounakis – (B’) Konstantina Garbidaki Production Manager: Giannis Panagiotakis – Lefteris Garofalakis.

Set Designer: Georgia Panagiotaki (Painter).

Scenes: Giannis Panagiotakis.

Assistants: Lefteris Garofalakis – Matina Fraggedaki – Dimitra Pentaraki.

Costume designer: Katerina Kanellopoulou.

Music: Tiziano Calabrese.

Poster / Graphics: Konstantinos Moutsopoulos.

Sound / lights: Marios Vestakis.

Makeup: Marina Kokolaki.

PLAY ALPHABETIKA: Michalis Antiidis – Antonis Antonakopoulos – Myrto Antonakopoulou – Niki Antoniadou – Eleni Viglakis – Aristea Garofalakis – Lefteris Garofalakis – Nikos Despotakis – Stavros Zoulakis – Lefteris Kokogiannakis – George Koukounaris – Georgia Koundourou-Giannis Kromydakis – Christos Konstantoudakis – Kalliopi Liolaki – Anna Maria Louladaki – Antonis Louladakis – Litsa Maravelaki – Anos M / Nos Mounis Bakopoulou – Costas Benioudakis – Gabriel Bolanakis – Giannis Spilianakis – Georgia Strongylaki – Christina Faitaki – Giannis Fratzeskakis-Dimitris Fotiou – Iro Chalkiadaki Riders: Nikos Niotakis – Lefteris Boul

Maori: Dimitris Kotzambasakis (Choreographer) – Michalis Houstoulakis – Vassilis Gikas – Tassos Sioumalas – Spyros Androulakis – George Kalitsounakis – Bjorn Grambow – Dimitris Fotiou.

Cretan Dancers: Folklore Club of Chania Giannis Agiasmenakis.

Rizites: A group of rizitic song “To Meterizi”.

Co-organization: Region of Crete-Regional Unit of Chania – Municipality of Chania Athletic Club “Minotauros” of Mournies.



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